Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just not another name

Reading the paper and you see an old colleagues name in the obituary, heartbreaking. Well for me it seems like the norm. Since I enlisted it seems like I am destined to see an old battle buddies name in the paper every month. The name you read might be just another name but to me it's a brother or sister, a Hero. Growing up I can only remember losing my grandpa, a childhood friend and my uncle. I lost a bus driver which was extremely hard. With my grandpa , I was too young to understand. My friend Heather, she passed from leukemia and at ten I never saw it as goodbye but see you soon. With my Uncle, my mom's only brother was different. Unexpected and sudden I watch my mom slip into a depression. She was no longer the happy going mom for months. She bounced back. So my first KIA during deployment was the hardest. You're trained on surviving , attention to detail and weapons. Never once has anyone ever trained me for death. I can say its got easier but there's a name that surprises me every once and awhile. That name that sets you back. One name I never wanna see is Bowe Bergdahl. We've never crossed past but he has been a POW for three years now. The same age as me his story amazes me. His strength surpasses anything I could imagine. Sgt Bergdahl's name should be one we think of often, a name I know I will see as a Hero returns home!

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