Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another week....Mamavation Monday

What a week... Probably no different than any other week I've had lately. I feel like I am just cruising through, and I have been hitting road blocks and bumps lately!! From a broken washer to a broken vacuum.....And a torn spirit. I look to my kids for motivation all the time. My 8 year old has pulled me through these past couple weeks. When she started school this year she was behind...way behind!! She was discouraged no matter what we tried her hopes weren't high. Then these past two weeks a new child has appeared, she is motivated and now up to level in every subject. Coming home everyday is a full report, with a smile I might add. I asked her what changed, and she told me," Mom, I thought hard and realized if I wanted to do better, I had to do it." She then went on," Change is something you have to do on your own. No one can make you change but yourself. Its true what you say hard work really pays off , Mom." I left our conversation with tears in my eyes, my 8 year old had just learned a lesson that has taken my whole life to try and accomplish. So here's to hard work ,this week and every week to come!!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Sleepy TIme Funk/ Mamavation Monday

Funk is commonly used to describe a state of depression or rut in life. I've been doing good sticking to the motivation of eating healthy and working out...But TODAY has been a different story. My late night work hours have finally hit me, covering a ten hour shift from 8 to 6 last night. getting home to a husband leaving for work and 3 little ones ready for breakfast wasn't the business. I work with this healthy guy, who always tells me," You won't achieve healthy unless you sleep right."  His words always burn deep... due to the fact a good nights sleep for me is a 4 hour time frame. When I was younger,I had the motto" I'll sleep when I am dead!' Now I realize I am the walking dead. I want to take the day off but I feel this urge that if I just play some loud music and start with a push up here or a jumping jack there, I will be ok!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just not another name

Reading the paper and you see an old colleagues name in the obituary, heartbreaking. Well for me it seems like the norm. Since I enlisted it seems like I am destined to see an old battle buddies name in the paper every month. The name you read might be just another name but to me it's a brother or sister, a Hero. Growing up I can only remember losing my grandpa, a childhood friend and my uncle. I lost a bus driver which was extremely hard. With my grandpa , I was too young to understand. My friend Heather, she passed from leukemia and at ten I never saw it as goodbye but see you soon. With my Uncle, my mom's only brother was different. Unexpected and sudden I watch my mom slip into a depression. She was no longer the happy going mom for months. She bounced back. So my first KIA during deployment was the hardest. You're trained on surviving , attention to detail and weapons. Never once has anyone ever trained me for death. I can say its got easier but there's a name that surprises me every once and awhile. That name that sets you back. One name I never wanna see is Bowe Bergdahl. We've never crossed past but he has been a POW for three years now. The same age as me his story amazes me. His strength surpasses anything I could imagine. Sgt Bergdahl's name should be one we think of often, a name I know I will see as a Hero returns home!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happier than a little kid in a Candy Shop

As I was finishing my morning workout , sweat dripping from unknown places. My phone notifications went off. I usually ignore it but not today and I am glad I didn't. It was a tweet from mamavation accepting me into their sistahood. An instant smile came upon my face. Bitter sweet because I know now that I am accountable not only to myself but to a whole sistahood, to better my health and stick with it. No more slacking off or excuses. Believe me I am the queen of excuses. Lately its been I am tired from working last night, or the kids take too much time. The past week I've been getting up early, seeing my husband and my oldest off, I used to go back to sleep and sneak in an extra hour or two. Now I am up and at it, me time. I do a morning workout , drink some tea and read. Who would have known if i stopped being Lazy , I could get that me time I've been looking for. I've heard others say hide in the bathroom. Well not in this house, I don't remember a time I showered by myself or even used the bathroom without knocks on the door. To me the mamavation, is just the motavation I've been looking for in myself!!! Thanks Girls

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter blues...mamavation monday

My weekly challenge had to be Easter.Easter is my favorite holiday. This year was not as enjoyable. I worked a graveyard shift and got home at 7 in the morning. ( I never do grave yards) exhaust beyond my normal functioning. It was time to get 4 kids ready for the beach. The thing that was so hard was resisting the urge for holiday candy. This new being healthy thing never seemed so hard. I have to admit I was strong but gosh it sucked!No chocolate made my workout just a little easier today. My kids had fun, and thats all that matter! Now to clean up the Easter fun!

Friday, April 6, 2012

So I started!!

It's been 3 days of eating healthier, and day 2 of exercise. Starting is the problem....it's continuing. Sticking to it out... Pushing threw the soreness. Dispute working all night and getting little sleep ...I FEEL GREAT!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Something New or old

So when I was in the Army, I was in decent shape. I was healthy and had energy. Now ..... I am a burnt out , out of shape mom. I know I have it In me all I need is motivation. Motivation is the root of all my excuses.