Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happier than a little kid in a Candy Shop

As I was finishing my morning workout , sweat dripping from unknown places. My phone notifications went off. I usually ignore it but not today and I am glad I didn't. It was a tweet from mamavation accepting me into their sistahood. An instant smile came upon my face. Bitter sweet because I know now that I am accountable not only to myself but to a whole sistahood, to better my health and stick with it. No more slacking off or excuses. Believe me I am the queen of excuses. Lately its been I am tired from working last night, or the kids take too much time. The past week I've been getting up early, seeing my husband and my oldest off, I used to go back to sleep and sneak in an extra hour or two. Now I am up and at it, me time. I do a morning workout , drink some tea and read. Who would have known if i stopped being Lazy , I could get that me time I've been looking for. I've heard others say hide in the bathroom. Well not in this house, I don't remember a time I showered by myself or even used the bathroom without knocks on the door. To me the mamavation, is just the motavation I've been looking for in myself!!! Thanks Girls

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