Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Sleepy TIme Funk/ Mamavation Monday

Funk is commonly used to describe a state of depression or rut in life. I've been doing good sticking to the motivation of eating healthy and working out...But TODAY has been a different story. My late night work hours have finally hit me, covering a ten hour shift from 8 to 6 last night. getting home to a husband leaving for work and 3 little ones ready for breakfast wasn't the business. I work with this healthy guy, who always tells me," You won't achieve healthy unless you sleep right."  His words always burn deep... due to the fact a good nights sleep for me is a 4 hour time frame. When I was younger,I had the motto" I'll sleep when I am dead!' Now I realize I am the walking dead. I want to take the day off but I feel this urge that if I just play some loud music and start with a push up here or a jumping jack there, I will be ok!!

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